Brenda Shont's Witches Celebration
Paula Brown's Quilt for Jenna Grace
Jenny's Quilt for sister Overseas
Madeleine Naudé's Quilt for sister
Celeste Blaauw busy with handwork
Shirley Mirkin's Quilt for grand daughter
Fenja Clarke Doggy cushion
Riyani's Log Cabin Quilt for daughter
Marlits Quilt for her daughter
Young quilters with their appliqué needle cases
Gallery 2
Dorothy Lubbe's Twin Quilts
Ailys Moss's Punch Buggy Quilt
Nomsa's Quilt
Shop Floor being Tiled-March 2009
Students Sampler Quilt
Simmys Versitiles Quilt
Upholstery Fabric Bag
Easy Peasy patchwork Bag
Amanda Foster's Versitiles